Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Now that we know for sure that the falcon doors will be a standard feature on the Tesla Model X and that all Model X will come with AWD and optionally a third-row seat (full story here), any guesses what the base MSRP will be?

With production and deliveries happening in just six months or so ("early 2015") from Tesla, pricing on the electric SUV has to be arriving shortly.

We see estimates all over the board, ranging from perhaps as low as $70,000 (base MSRP) to as high as $100,000 (again, base MSRP).

Our guess?  The cheapest, bare-bones Tesla Model X will not be had for less than $80,000 (federal tax credit excluded).  $87,400 sounds pretty solid to us.

A fully loaded Model X will likely be in the ballpark of $130,000-$140,000.

Basically, we're putting a $10,000 to $15,000 premium on the Model X, compared to the Model S.

What's your Model X price guess?  Time to go on record and look foolish later!

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