San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is set to install 4 DC fast chargers, thanks to funding provided by the California Energy Commission.

SFO will receive $480,000 in grant money, which it will use to purchase and install the 4 DC fast chargers, presumably for use by taxis operating zero emissions vehicles.

SFO currently has Level 1/2 chargers and, as we all know, DC fast chargers aren't needed for long-term parkers, so we have to assume that the airport has planned some other intended use for the fast chargers.

As San Francisco Business Times reports:

"SFO set up a clean-vehicle policy in 2000 with the aim of encouraging operators to use clean-air cars, taxis and other vehicles."

"It now boasts some 5,000 clean-air vehicles operating at it facilities."

We presume then that the DC fast chargers are for vehicles mainly operating at the facility.

Source: San Francisco Business Times

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