San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County

It sure would be swell if Tesla would just announced the giga factory site.  If the automaker did that, then we wouldn't be covering all of this speculation:

"...some experts are giving San Joaquin County the edge in the competition."

The edge in the competition of being called home to the Tesla battery giga factory, that is.

According to Capitol Public Radio:

"Tesla has already begun work on a manufacturing plant in the San Joaquin County city of Lathrop which will employ 100 people."

"The electric car maker is still looking for a site for its battery plant that would employ 6,500 and experts say San Joaquin County could be a good fit."

San Joaquin Partnership President Mike Ammann note that Tesla's main manufacturing facility is only one hour away from San Joaquin County, making it ideal for Tesla to construct the giga factory there.  Ammann adds:

"There is no better distribution center in Northern California than San Joaquin USA and we can move things internationally, there's company after company that locates here simply because of the logistics."

Additionally, Ammann says there's more than enough available land for Tesla and that "60,000 commuters from San Joaquin County commute to jobs in the Bay Area and the Silicon Valley so the labor force is in place."

So, will San Joaquin County be home to the Tesla giga factory?  Or will it be in Nevada?  Texas?  Sure would be swell if Tesla would let us all know.

Source: Capital Public Radio