Gareth Chandler, Gateshead Salesman Holds LEAF Sales Record in UK

Gareth Chandler, Gateshead Salesman Holds LEAF Sales Record in UK

Nissan recently summed up some sales figures and found that Gareth Chandler, a salesman at Nissan Gateshead, UK holds the record for LEAF sales in the UK - 200 units.

"A North East car salesman is playing a starring role in the UK's electric vehicle revolution after becoming the first in the country to sell 200 pure electric Nissan LEAFs."

"And his success has brought him to the attention of Nissan bosses who invited him to speak at a national electric vehicle conference and have even commissioned a video about him."

This is more LEAFs than many entire dealerships have sold, which confirms that to sell EVs, dealers must find the right person.

What is his secret?:

"I've sold so many because I live and breathe the LEAF. It's a brilliant car and I love it."

"Many potential customers have questions about moving away from a conventional car to an all-electric vehicle and, because I drive one all the time, and have immersed myself in the product, I'm able to talk to them knowledgably and from personal experience."

"The LEAF is actually the perfect car for many people - it's so cheap to run and there are loads of charging points all over the place - and my experience of using one day-to-day in and around their area is a great way of proving that to them."

"We're also able to offer extended 24-hour drives so potential customers can get a feel for the car and see for themselves just how it fits in with their lifestyle."

"I hadn't actually sat down and worked out how many sales I'd done until Nissan approached me about it."

"It came as a big surprised but I was really proud to be asked to speak at the conference and feature in their video."

Paul O'Neill, Electric Vehicle Manager at Nissan GB, stated:

"Gareth's made a massive contribution to the LEAF's ongoing and growing success in the UK and his approach is a shining example of best practice."

"His enthusiasm for the LEAF is truly infectious and it's his belief in the product and his passion for it that have helped him sell so many."

"By living with the LEAF he understands perfectly just how little adjustment owning a LEAF requires and how it can help drivers and their families dramatically cut their motoring costs."

In total, cumulative sales of LEAF in UK exceed 4,200 - so thisfellow sells about 1 of every 20 units moved.  By the end of 2013, sales were below 3,200, so it seems that this year Nissan already has sold more than 1,000 in the UK.

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