According to Auto Bild, Audi is reportedly working on a tiny city car called the A2Q with range of some 300 miles!!!

We're not so sure we believe that Auto Bild report, but here it is (via Google Translate):

"In the booming SUV segment, there will be with A2Q and Q6 soon purely electric-powered Audi with thick battery packs. We expect 2017/2018 with the idea. Then the lords of the rings want to give correct flow. If the expected advances in battery technology are true to the compact A2Q from 2018 sparkle with 500 km E-reach, a year earlier-starting Q6 to create even 700 km between the socket stops. Great prospects."

The A2Q isn't what we'd call a SUV, but rather more like a small BMW i3 (tall city car).

Auto Bild continues:

"The A2Q - the name Q2 and Q4 also has can be protected Alfa - it goes completely against the BMW i3. Unlike the Bavarian neighbors but Audi does not develop completely new electric platform, but uses the familiar MQB modular architecture of Golf/A3."

The translation gets a bit rough, but here's the rest of it:

"In the Ingolstadt then every but deliberately a unique silhouette in the style of earlier A2 - after all is not the electric Audi may be confused about how the e-Golf with its conventional brethren. One of the identifying features of all future electric novelties include a smaller single-frame grille with chrome and the great aerodynamics package in which you want to replace the mirrors with cameras as soon as this technology is qualified for admission to the major markets."

Again, we don't believe that Audi will have ready this A2Q with 300 miles of range in 2018, but perhaps we'll be proven wrong.

Source: Auto Bild

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