BMW i3

BMW i3

Range anxiety still rules

That's the headline from a recent eagleAID article in which AID states:

"Most BMW i3s in Germany now equipped with range-extender engine."

The sales breakdown isn't that important to us (yes, the REx version accounts for over 50% of sales in Germany).  However, the low level of total sales definitely hits our radar.

In the first six months of 2014, BMW sold only 1,378 i3s total in Germany.  That works out to 230 units per month, on average.

A Low Figure?

Yes and no.

In Germany, only ~800 BEVs and ~300 PHEVs are sold monthly.  The leading BEV, in terms of YTD sales, in Germany is the i3.

Additionally, in the first half, 4,188 BEVs were registered in Germany and 1,575 plug-in hybrids.

The problems is that the i3 gets classified in both groups in Germany.  So, it's a BEV and a PHEV there.  Therefore, we have to look at it like this:

BMW sold 1,378 i3s (both versions included) in the first half of 2014.  Total BEV and PHEV sales in Germany in the first half of 2014 checked in at 5,763 units.  So, BMW still captured ~24 % of the entire plug-in segment.  Or, one-fourth of all plug-in vehicles sold in Germany in the first half of 2014 were BMW i3s.

When i3 sales figures are viewed in that way, the i3 should be considered a success in its home market as a plug-in vehicle, don't you think?  Perhaps its time to start looking at Germany itself, a country that prides itself on "green" energy, as the laggard in adopting EVs?

Source: eagleAID

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