"Tesla Model S 60kW battery pack at 31,000 miles. Gaining range back after heavy vehicle use and Range Charge Every day last week."

States the video description.

In the video, Kman show us his rated range on a 100% charge after 31,000 miles on his Tesla Model S 60 kWh. Kman's Model S is usually 100% charged on a daily basis and he definitely puts it to heavy use, as we seen from many of his videos and descriptions.

As he states in the video, after a recent firmware update he lost a few miles off of his 100% rated range.  However, he says that the miles display would stay the same after a few minutes and 1-3 miles of driving. We can only guess he still has ~ 207-208 miles of range on a single 100% charge, down ever so slightly from its original 209 mile rated range.

Kman recently uploaded a video explaining how he takes care of his battery pack.  Link to that video below.

Tesla Model S: Battery Care, Maintenance & Charging

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