Optare electric buses in Nottingham

Optare electric buses in Nottingham

Nottingham, UK is electrifying its bus fleet with a dream of having 50 electric buses by September next year.

The First electric buses made by Optare have been in operation in Nottingham for over a year now and the city is probably half way to its dream.

Soon, there will be 17 more electric buses added and then a additional 11 in autumn 2015.

"This latest stage of the project sees a further £5 million to put 17 Optare electric buses into operation by Community Transport on Medilink followed by further Locallink services in autumn 2014."

"The final stage will see another 11 Optare electric buses on the high frequency Citylink Park and Ride services to the city centre in autumn 2015."

Thanks to external funds from the Government's Plugged-in Places Programme, beside buses Nottingham now has a new electric charging operating base with 27 overnight charging stations and 3 daytime fast chargers. Together with stations at Broadmarsh Bus Station and bus operator depots, in total there are 60 spots, which will be increased to 80.

Cllr Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for planning and transportation at Nottingham City Council stated:

"This is a welcome addition to our Medilink fleet of buses, which ensure that local residents are provided with free public transport to access vital medical links. We have award winning public transport in Nottingham and a strong commitment to the environment. These buses will help us continue leading the way in efficient, greener transportation. The use of electric buses has already helped to reduce noise and improve air quality in the city. The use of electric buses will be expanded across the city, taking the total number of electric buses in Nottingham to 50 by September 2015, making our electric fleet one of the largest in Europe."