We Caught Robert Healey, BMW's EV Infrastructure Manager Doing

We Caught Robert Healey, BMW's EV Infrastructure Manager Doing "Pump" Duties With His Company's New i DC Fast Charger At Plug-In 2014!

With BMW announcing its low-cost DC fast charger, we figured we'd hunt down some additional information on this potential game-changing unit.

For starters, it's a low-power unit (24 kW max) and it works on 400V-480V three-phase, meaning it won't be cheap to install and will be restricted mainly to commercial sites that have the ability to hook it up to this type of power supply.

The cost is just $6,458 for "partners" of BMW.  We reached out to BMW to get a sense of what is meant by "partners."  BMW's response was that right now it considers "partners" to be dealerships, utilities and municipalities interested in working with BMW.

When asked what the"retail" price of the unit is, BMW told us that a "retail" price is not yet available, but adds that the automaker is "willing to work" with anyone interested in getting one of these DC fast-charge units installed.

To us, this sound as though BMW will subsidize purchases in order to get more of these chargers in the ground.  If this is true, then BMW will join the likes of Nissan and Tesla as the only automakers actively contributing to the public fast-charging infrastructure, thus proving that BMW fully supports plug-in electric vehicles.

A $6,458 DC fast-charger is only game changing if there are hundreds and then eventually thousands installed.  BMW has the opportunity with this low-cost unit to change the fast-charging game, but will it commit the necessary resources to enact change?  Only time will tell if BMW becomes as proactive on the charging front as leaders: Nissan and Tesla.

Specs On The BMW i DC Fast Charger

Specs On The BMW i DC Fast Charger

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