A "New" Day is Upon Us - Says Fisker's New Website

It Now Appears The Fisker Atlantic Might See The Light Of Day?

It Now Appears The Fisker Atlantic Might See The Light Of Day?

If you buy into all these grand future plans for Fisker Automotive, then this one will surely grab your attention:

"The Chinese owner of Fisker Automotive hopes to launch a second model that would join the $100,000 Karma luxury plug-in hybrid in three years, according to the company’s chairman."

That's according to Automotive News who adds:

"Chairman Lu Guanqiu, the billionaire chairman and founder of Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang Group Co., told reporters here on Friday that a new Fisker nameplate is in the works."

"He said he hopes to launch the new model in 2017, without providing details about the vehicle or where it would be assembled."

In regards to Fisker, we're now at that point where we'll believe it when we see it.

As for Karma production, Pin Ni, president of Wanxiang’s U.S. unit, stated:

“At Fisker, the biggest issue is to solve the problems.  There are about 250 bugs in this we need to de-bug. I often say that Wanxiang can afford to make cars, but Wanxiang cannot afford to make bad cars.”

As for when the Karma will once again enter production, here's the latest:

 “ is really hard to say because it’s really dependent on the supply chain and the supply chain’s commitment."

So no firm timeline then for the Karam's re-introduction to the world.

Source: Automotive News

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