German magazine Autobild compares the BMW i3 against the Nissan Leaf and VW e-Golf.

Worldwide Nissan Leaf is already the best-selling electric car in history, with 130,000 sold globally since December 2011. The e-Golf is VW’s first bet for the electric market and will launch this fall. The i3 is the only one of the three electric vehicles to be considered a premium product and has recently launched in the United States.

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As tested, the i3 is priced at 36.310 euros, only 1,300 euros more expensive than the Leaf. The e-Golf has a base price just below 35,000 euros.

The e-Golf and Leaf follow a conventional design with seating five passengers and a look and feel that resembles a “regular” vehicle. BMW gave the i3 a more futuristic look and a departure from the classic BMW design, a move that is equally loved and hated by the media and consumers.

Autobild reveals that the i3 had the longest driving range in the test: 105 miles from a 22 kWh battery pack. The e-Golf followed with 102.5 miles from a 24.2 kWh battery pack. The Leaf came in last with 90 miles (24 kWh battery). In Europe, the Leaf is officially rated at 123 miles, compared to the 118-mile BMW and Volkswagen.

Out of the three, the i3 also tested as being “the most green” with 12.8 kWh per 100 kilometers. CO2 output is rated at 74 g/km on a regular electricity mix. The e-Golf and Leaf followed in that order.

Inside the cabin, at 130 km/h, the VW e-Golf recorded 68 decibels of cabin noise, while the i3 and Leaf reported 70 db.

Interesting enough, the e-Golf comes on top at the end of this comprehensive test drive.

Source: Autobild & Green Car Reports

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