Wouldn't you like input on the Tesla Model S directly from some owners?

I was eager to find out what owners had to say about their Model S. Wisconsin Dells was my destination, where KmanAuto was hosting a Tesla Get-together (view the original invitation here.)

I was able to talk to 4 of the 5 Model S owners who were at this event. Each Model S had over 20,000 miles on the odometer, so that gives each Model S owner plenty of experience with their vehicle. And wow, what a story I got from each person.

I asked a number of questions, as well as their story behind purchasing their vehicle. All of which you will see in this 40-minute video.

I originally gave the audience a teaser video of this and it raised a number of questions right away. You can view the original teaser video, as well as video of the whole event below:

-Tesla Model S Meetup Teaser - Video.

-The Tesla Meetup Event. 

I talked to the owners of these 4 Model S's.

I talked to the owners of these 4 Model S's.

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