As we previously mentioned, the plug-in hybrid McLaren P1 is slow, like laughably slow.

Since we (including McLaren) can all agree on that, then it's painfully obvious McLaren need to up the game.

Meet the P1 GTR: the game-changing, track-only plug-in hybrid.

P1 GTR Sketch

P1 GTR Sketch

Though it exists only as a sketch right now, McLaren has officially confirmed it's production-bound. Production volume will be "scarcity limited," according to McLaren.

Here are the numbers: 986 HP

That's all you need to know for now, says McLaren. For reference, the standard, lowly P1 is hampered by having only 903 HP on tap.

Price? £1.98 million. Chump change really.

P1 GTR Logo

P1 GTR Logo

"Production of the most powerful McLaren ever is scheduled to kick off after the 375th and final road-legal P1 has been built, with availability restricted to buyers who already own one of those original models."

According to AutoExpress, who adds:

"Just like its historic namesake, the P1 GTR is designed for race circuit use only, and has been developed to offer “greater levels of performance, grip, aerodynamics and downforce” than the standard car."

"Based on the P1 but freed from adherence to road legislation, it’ll feature a widened track, aero-optimised styling, and will sit on race-focused slick tyres. Although unconfirmed at this stage, expect a lower kerbweight and revised suspension set-up, too, further aiding performance round the track."

It'll be interesting to see if the McLaren P1 GTR is capable of taking down the road-legal Porsche 918 Spyder, the current champ both on the track (Nurburgring lap record) and the road (quickest 0 to 60 MPH time for a plug-in vehicle). The standard P1 can't quite match the Porsche, but will the GTR version one up the 918?

Source: Auto Express

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