Cadillac ELR Compared To Tesla Model S

Cadillac ELR Compared To Tesla Model S

It's advertising 101...make a product appear superior by selectively choosing and then listing features that the competitive product lacks (or offers only as optional).

General Motors put out this Cadillac ELR - Tesla Model S comparison PDF in which the ELR clearly seems superior.

We won't argue for one plug-in over the other.  Instead, we'll point out a flaw and some essential safety features that the Model S lacks.

First off, the Model S comes standard with keyless entry, so we're not sure why GM says that this feature is "optional" on the Model S.

However, it's impossible to overlook the fact that the Model S lacks both forward collision alert and lane departure warning.  We believe these features should be standard and that you'd be hard pressed to find another $70,000-plus vehicle without these features (not even available optionally on the Model S).  Tesla does admit that these features are necessary and expects to make both available soon, but honestly soon can't come soon enough.

Of note is that Cadillac ELRs are now selling for up to $20,000 off MSRP.  A raging deal ($55,000-ish) on an exceptionally well-equipped plug in?  Yes...we think so.

But to us, these cars couldn't be much more different - so why compare them?  Also pitting one plug-in against another to a consumer who (for the most part) is already sensitive to promoting the segment as a whole as opposed to knocking others down, is probably not a great idea.

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