InsideEVs - Now Bigger, Faster, Stronger

InsideEVs - Now Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Thanks to the support of the community and some great contributors and writers over the past few years, InsideEVs has grown into the largest media website on 'the Internets' covering exclusively plug-in cars and their infrastructure.

...however, it hasn't been without a few road bumps and learning experiences along the way.

Most recently, the site was plagued with a bug that saw some visitors get involuntarily redirected away. We worked diligently to figure out the cause and solve the problem...only to find out later that it was a much larger problem across the web; and the source of the problem was actually on the 'hosting side' of the equation; and not on our end at all.

With a move to a new host today, that situation has now been rectified.

In addition to troubleshooting the issue , and in anticipation of ever-increasing public interest in the EV movement going forward, we used this opportunity to also add extra traffic capacity, storage and speed to the site.

The InsideEVs team would just like to take a moment to express our thanks for your patience during the changeover.


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