Soon To Be Required Everywhere...It Seems

Soon To Be Required Everywhere...It Seems

New commercial buildings in Tacoma, Washington will be soon be required to install electric vehicle charging stations in parking lots.

As the News Tribune reports:

"The Tacoma City Council approved new rules  that will require between 1 percent and 3 percent of parking stalls in commercial building projects to include charging stations for electric vehicles."

"The new rules will cap the total number of required charging stations for office buildings at six, eight for shopping centers and 12 for larger projects such as auditoriums or stadiums."

"The charging station requirements will apply to future commercial projects, but not ones that are already built or already in development."

These new rules are already in effect.  As of August 10, the rules listed above applied throughout the city.

These charging station requirements don't apply to residential projects, meaning that multi-family homes (apartments, condos, etc.) aren't required to install charging stations.  However, the cit recommends that "new multifamily housing projects set aside 50 percent of their parking spaces for electric vehicles."

Source: The News Tribune

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