MBAs Across America

MBAs Across America

According to the Detroit Free Press, "a nonprofit called MBAs Across America, which has 32 MBA students from six different universities criss-crossing the nation this summer, working with young companies in 25 cities" has received a dozen Chevrolet Volts, which were donated by General Motors.

GM CEO Mary Barra was contacted by the non-profit.  As it turned out, the non-profit wasn't seeking money, but rather more reliable transportation.

In stepped General Motors with 12 Volts.

Quoting Barra:

“And as it turned out,they weren’t asking for money. They were asking for help with transportation, which was a huge opportunity for us to do something that’s not only great for the communities involved, but also we’re able to showcase some technology, so we’ve provided Volts.”

Michael Baker, a co-founders of MBAs Across America, commented:

“One of the most exciting moments so far in the program was receiving the call from Detroit a few months ago that GM was donating the Volts.”

So, if you see a group of Volts crossing the country, they might well belong to MBAs Across America.  For more on this non-profit, click here.

Source: Freep

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