Chevrolet Volt drivetrain

Chevrolet Volt drivetrain

A wrecked plug-in car is always a good opportunity to check what the drivetrain and battery pack consists of and maybe even to reuse some parts.

Exactly this was the case for the 2013 Chevy Volt, which ended its life early.

d55guy, author of the video, disassembled the battery pack up to internal modules.  However, this job is only for people with strong nerves, as there was still some blood red cooling fluid leaks on the table.

In the second video, we see part of the drivetrain, which with a certain amount of luck will go into another car.

"In this video I show the EV drive drain from a 2013 Chevy Volt that was removed from a wreck with only 7,000 miles. The traction pack is disassembled down to the individual 24V and 48V modules."

"A quick overview of the motor/gearbox as well as the inverter and a few of the EVs in the new shop."

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