Approximately 10 seconds and 55 meters is all the BMW i3 needs  to stop from 50 km/h or 31 mph without using its friction brakes thanks to the i3's strong regenerative braking abilities..

At least this is the interesting result from a test conducted at 75% state of charge and temperature: 24°C in the video attached below.

We don't know too much more, so don't expect any analysis.  However, for anyone interested in rear-wheel-drive regenerative braking. we previously found this demonstration.

"This is a little recu test. I drove 50 kph and tried to find out how long it takes to stand still without using the brake pedal. It turned out that it are 55m which means a constant acceleration of 0.18g or 1.75 m/s². Battery is at 75%. Outside tempretaure: 24°C."

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