The Albany Airport in New York has recently added 6 electric vehicle charging stations for EV drivers.

Google image of Albany International Airport

Google image of Albany International Airport

Three of these chargers are for long-term parking and the other 3 are in the airport's parking garage.

For two years, EV drivers can charge at any of these 6 chargers for free. When that trial period is over, there will be a very small fee.

Charge times always vary depending on the vehicle, but the chargers are capable of supplying up to 6 kW of power when charging.

Places like airports are ideal places for charging.  As the CEO of the New York Power Authority, Gil Quiniones stated:

"These are really the ideal locations for charging stations because these are places where customers leave their cars fro an extended period of time. They are part of what we're calling Charge New York Initiative, which aims to build an entire network of up to 3000 charging stations across New York State by 2018."

"The direction that we are moving today is to try and eliminate the anxiety EV drivers may experience of not knowing where they will get their next refueling charge."

There are approximately 900 charging stations in the state of New York currently. The goal is 3,000 by 2018 and upwards from there.

These charging stations are part of an initiative by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to assist in the expansion of clean transportation technologies in the state of New York.

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