KmanAuto gives us a teaser of what's to come in a "What-if" situation involving a zombie apocalypse.

As you will see and hear in the video, Kman says the government actually has a plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Weird enough as that may sound.

There are multiple items displayed in front of Kman, which we don't yet know what he will do with. All we know currently is that it somehow involves a Tesla Model S.

Furthermore, what better vehicle for such situation of when something really goes wrong than the Tesla Model S or soon to be Model X? Both vehicles have a long range on a single charge and, like all other electric vehicles, can charge via sunlight, wind, & water, all of which are renewable energy sources.

Not to mention there's that titanium underbody shield recently added to all Model S sedans to do, well, whatever you see fit in a zombie apocalypse situation, right?

We personally are on the edges of our seats now waiting to see what Kman will do with the items you'll see in the video.  What are your thoughts?

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