Yesterday, Plug In America posted the following on its Facebook page:

"Has Tesla broke ground in Reno for the Gigafactory? Plug In America Show host and Reno resident, Bob Tregilus, thinks so."

The image above was provided by Bob Tregilus, who says that some 50 earth movers were working away on a recent Sunday at the site outside of Reno, Nevada.

As Greentech Media tells Tregilus' story:

"Yesterday, our unnamed source (Bob Tregilus) hiked a few high-desert ridges in Storey County, Nevada to take pictures of 50 earthmovers moving earth at a site that Tregilus estimated to be large enough to accommodate the proposed 10-million-square-foot factory. Tregilus has also heard whispers about a secret project from construction industry folks and locals."

Giga Factory rendering By Tesla

Giga Factory rendering By Tesla

The site shown in the above image has a name and even an address:

  • Reno Tahoe Industrial Center at 2641 Portofino Drive
The Reno-Gazette Journal reported last month:

"An excavation permit to begin site work for a sizable project has been pulled by the Reno Tahoe Industrial Center (TRI), but those involved in the project are under a non-disclosure agreement preventing them from discussing what may be eventually built on the sagebrush covered site."

"The "clear and grub" permit for 2641 Portofino Drive allows the contractor to move 140,000 cubic yards of dirt in preparation for the unnamed project. The permit was pulled on May 22. Work was slated to begin on May 19 and conclude in November."

The Reno-Gazette Journal spoke with Lance Gilman, the industrial center principal and its director of marketing.  Gilman stated:

"I am the man sitting in the chair that puts the transactions together.  And I can tell you, I do not have a signed transaction with Tesla."

However, Gilman admitted that work is often done before a contract is ever signed and adds that the site at 2641 Portofino Drive is under a non-disclosure agreement, meaning that Gilman wouldn't be able to reveal (and possibly doesn't even know) if Tesla is linked to the site.  Per Gilman on non-disclosures and secrecy:

"We worked with Walmart for a year and a half before they told us who they were."

Finally, a spokeperson for the Nevada Environmental Protection Division says she's unaware of what the site is being prepped for, adding:

"The permit allows them to move dirt around and begin prepping for construction.  We don't know what it is."

Three permits have been pulled for the site:

  • Air quality
  • Storm water
  • Excavation

So, what's this site being prepped for?  Some say a pizza factory.  Others insist it's Tesla's battery giga factory.  Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Nevada Gigafactory Site? (Photo via Bob Tregilus)

Nevada Gigafactory Site? (Photo via Bob Tregilus)

Source: GreenTech Media

Image: Bob Tregilus

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