At Mayse Automotive Group near Springfield, Missouri, two Chevy Spark EVs were recently spotted on the lot and on sale.

Though there's been ample speculation over the Spark EV being sold at the nationwide level at some point in the future, we can assure you that General Motors' stance at the moment is that the automaker has no intention of widening the availability of the Spark EV.  Furthermore, these two Spark EVs are not new.  Rather, both are GM exec ultra low-mileage lease turn ins.  Basically, two upper-level GM employees got (likely free) use of theese Spark EVs for a limited amount of time.  Hence why both vehicles have less than 1,000 miles on the odometer.

Regardless of the circumstances, these two Spark EVs prove that slowly, but surely GM's little pure electric is trickling into dealerships outside of California and Oregon.  However, getting one serviced, in say Missouri, might not be so easy as dealers will have zero-to-no real-life experience working on the Spark EV, so buyer beware.

Chevy Spark EV For Sale In MIssouri

Chevy Spark EV For Sale In MIssouri

Hat tip to Robert Crespo!!!

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