Nissan LEAF in the UK

Nissan LEAF in the UK

Sales of all-electric cars increased in Europe by 77% in the first half of the year to a new high of 29,017.

Those number do not include plug-in hybrids, so believe it or not, for pure EVs - Europe is ahead of the US; which after six months of 2014 saw sales of roughly 25,300 all-electric cars and more than 30,000 plug-ins with ICE engines (PHEV, EREVs, REx) on-board. In only PHEV statistics, the US is well ahead of Europe.

Let's move on to the countries with highest sales. Norway opens  with 9,950 EVs sold YTD - more than four times then in 2013! More stunning is however the market share of 33%!

In second is France with 6,405, which not only lost its first position a year earlier, but has lower sales by 12% and lost some market share (from 44% to 22%) compared to in 2013 when 7,293 EVs were sold.

Third is Germany - 4,230 EVs and fourth UK - 2,570. Both countries more or less doubled EV market this year.

Fifth, and the last above 1,000, is the Netherlands - 1,149. Netherlands grew by more than 160%.

Switzerland with 867 is ahead of Austria - 709, Italy - 648, Belgium - 629, Denmark - 604 and Sweden - 585.

All the rest of Europe adds another 1,071.

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