According to German auto magazine AutoBild, Tesla Motors is working on a successor to the original Tesla Roadster.

It's been widely believed and even hinted at from Tesla that a second-generation Roadster would be made, but it was often speculated that it wouldn't launch until 2020 or later.

However, AutoBild sees if differently.  AutoBild says the Tesla Model R (the name AutoBild gives to the 2nd-gen Roadster) will arrive as early as 2017.

Furthermore, AutoBild speculates that the Tesla Model S will share platforms with the 2016 Model 3.  From a financial standpoint, this would be the perfect approach for Tesla Motors to take.

Our take is mostly in line with AutoBild.  We speculate that the next-gen Roadster will ride on a modified Model 3 platform and that it will arrive before 2020, but maybe not 2017.  Its performance will likely wow the world, but it won't come cheap.  Let's just say that the second-gen Roadster will make the original look downright cheap.  That's our speculative guess as to what you should expect of the next-gen Roadster (aka Tesla Model R).

Source: AutoBild via Ecomento

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