ClipperCreek LCS-20

ClipperCreek LCS-20

ClipperCreek just announced that its new LCS-20 model of EVSE entered the market with price tag of just $395.

"Making its debut is ClipperCreek’s $395 Level 2, 240V EV charging station, available for immediate delivery, directly from the factory in Auburn, CA. The LCS-20 is the first major brand Level 2 electric vehicle charging station to break through the $400 barrier. With 22 feet of charging cable and a “no strings attached” 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, the LCS-20’s durability and usability is on par with what customers have come expect from ClipperCreek products."

The LCS-20 is a basic charging unit with power of just 3.6 kW, but if your electric vehicle doesn't have a higher power on-board charger, then the LCS-20 could be good choice.

Jason France, President and Founder of ClipperCreek stated:

“We task ourselves to constantly bring the next level of customer value to the market.,After an in depth analysis, the ClipperCreek team realized a 3.6KW station could be offered without compromising quality or durability through a combination of volume pricing, slightly shorter cable, and 15 Amp charge rate.”

Noteworthy is that LCS-20 should be easy to install:

"In addition to saving money on the charging station, and cutting charge time by 60%, customers buying the LCS-20 save on installation costs when compared to other products on the market. The LCS-20 is delivered with a flexible conduit that is easily wired into an existing junction box, with no assembly required! The compact, tough, and weatherproof enclosure is mounted with just four screws. An optional connector holster is available for just $19."

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