With 3,134 Tesla Model S sedans sold in Norway in the first 6 months of 2014, the Model S population is growing rapidly in the Nordic country.  In fact, the Model s population is growing so rapidly that the 10 Superchargers in Norway are now becoming overcrowded.

As Model S owner and resident of Norway Bjorn Nyland states:

"Just to give you an idea of how many Tesla Model S there are in Norway. This video was shot on a typical Sunday evening in Brokelandsheia (Cinderella) supercharger."

According to Bjorn, it's typical to now see at least some of Norway's Superchargers line up with Model S sedans.  In the video, you'll see that this Supercharger is full with a queue starting to form.

It seems Norway, like in some locales in the U.S., will require more Superchargers to handle the influx of Model S sedans.

While overcrowded Superchargers could be considered a problem that Tesla needs to rectify, we're rather certain that Tesla will consider this rapid Model S population growth to be a positive.  More Superchargers are coming.  Hold tight Model S owners.

We Count 10 Superchargers In Norway

We Count 10 Superchargers In Norway

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