An all-electric Tesla Model S P85 races a 2012 Range Rover Sport with a Supercharged 5.0L V8.

Our usual comment of, if you were to blink you will miss it, absolutely stands for the video above.

The Model S takes off and before you know it, it disappears from the camera's view.

This goes to show that you do not need a 12 MPG V8 for unbelievable acceleration and speed.

Surly the initial cost of both vehicles could be about the same, or one can be higher than the other or vise versa, though the Model S' operating cost are surely much lower.

One might add that a sedan versus an SUV is not a fair comparison.  This is true. We are positive the upcoming AWD Tesla Model X SUV will be a perfect contender up against the Range Rover for those who need more than a sedan. With the Model X having that same Model S practicality, performance, low operating cost and then some.

*Editor's Note: Racing is for race tracks, not public roads.

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