Das e-Auto

Das e-Auto

As the VW e-Golf's introduction on the U.S. market is coming soon, Volkswagen now seems to switch from press releases to video releases.

Here we have the latest three videos from the main Volkswagen channel on different topics.

Volkswagen e-Golf - The e-Golf's technology

Experience today the drive of tomorrow.

The electric drive of the e-Golf stands for simple, dynamic mobility - quiet and with zero emissions. But the e-Golf is still a Golf...

Volkswagen e-Golf - The intelligent heating system

Perfect heating comfort.

The e-Golf's intelligent heating system uses the energy exactly where it is needed to ensure comfort and safety.

Volkswagen e-Golf - The information displays

You decide on your driving range.

The e-Golf's information display always keeps you up-to-date with real-time data about range, battery capacity, recuperation and more.

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