ABB Terra 53 CJG

ABB Terra 53 CJG

Different types of fuel requires appropriate signage (regular, plus, premium, super, etc.).

Despite electric energy always being the same (or close to the same), it seems that the automotive industry will mimic the Regular, Plus & Super choice to depict different methods of transfer (DC / AC) or different standards (interface, inlet/connector) .

Above, we see how ABB labels its chargers to identify three types of plugs - blue 3 phase AC (called Type 2), green DC CHAdeMO and yellow DC CCS. In Europe, there is also the Tesla Supercharger DC standard, which in theory could be included to have 4 different options!

All of them are unnatural because this is still the same type of energy provided through electric current and in every electric car energy it's finally fed to battery pack by DC current. Gasoline and diesel cars never had such an opportunity to have one nozzle.  Electric cars had the chance, but wasted it.

Similar problem we see in the US, however without AC fast charging. The other plus for US is only one AC Level 2 standard, while Europe is struggling with two of them - Type 1 and Type 2 (at least France killed Type 3).

All of those solutions harm badly the pace of market development, because everything is complicated. Chargers are more expensive (and according to our sources some companies already found that the difference is higher than should it be - 5-10% - because manufacturers just charge more for multi-standard units - sometimes over 20% more), drivers can't use all of the infrastructure and new buyers get lost in the types of plugs on top of different networks.

It's all too confusing and messed up, when it could have been simple and universal.

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