On several occasion, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dropped hints related to pricing for Tesla's Gen 3 electric vehicles.

For example, Musk stated that Gen 3 will cost half a Model S, or approximately $35,000-$40,000.

Even Tesla, the automaker, released a statement on Gen 3 pricing in the past.  That statement, from 6 months ago, is as follows:

Our Gen III car will be out in around 3-4 years. We are targeting a $30-$40k price for it.

Now, here's Elon Musk once again discussing Gen 3, this time it was while he was in the UK at the launch of the right hand drive Tesla Model S.

We're never going to release an ugly car. We want it to look good, to feel good, to have good acceleration, handling, everything.

When prodded on pricing and the launch timetable, Musk stated that within 3 years Tesla aims to launch Gen 3 price at approximately £25,000.  Converted to dollars, that's $42,426.

But when we examine electric vehicles sold in the UK, this £25,000 price target is right in line with a top-level Nissan LEAF.

If Tesla can indeed match the price of the LEAF with its Gen 3, then lookout.  Of course, Nissan will have advanced the LEAF within 3 years too and presumably brought down its price, but still the £25,000 price target, if achieved, will make Gen 3 a game-changer for sure.

Source: The Independent

Nissan LEAF Pricing in UK

Nissan LEAF Pricing in UK

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