Inside Tesla's London Boutique Store

Inside Tesla's London Boutique Store

"Tesla is seriously considering opening a research and development centre in the UK next year," states Autocar who says that these details were revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk:

"It’s probable that we will establish a center to supplement the work that we do in California, but if we want to attract the top talent we can’t just be modifying cars for Europe, it has to be complete programs."

"It seems a sensible thing to do considering the talents in British engineering. The best people are going to want to join."

This center, says Musk, will create hundreds of jobs.

Tesla currently has a final assembly facility in Europe located in Tilburg, Netherlands.  The proposed UK site will not be a factory, but rather just a research and development center:

"We will look strongly at a factory in the UK if the market justifies it. But if we do full production in Europe it’s more likely to be on the continent. We already have a final assembly plant in the Netherlands."

Eventually, as sales grow,  Tesla will need a production facilities in both Europe and Asia.  This will help with logistics and will drive down costs abroad.  For now, Tesla's sole factory in Fremont, California isn't maxed out in terms of production, but maxing the site will be an issue with the Model III arrives.  By then, expect Tesla to have two or more production facilities, only one of which will be located outside in the U.S.

Source: Autocar

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