Petrol pump argument

Petrol pump argument notes that the UK government will spend £5 million to look at rolling out plug-in vehicles and asking drivers about EVs.

As it turns out, roughly 40% of respondents would be willing to buy an 300 mile range EV if all things like price, style, options and performance would be equivalent to ICE.

Well, we don't have too many 300 mile range EVs and the price target isn't mentioned in the survey, but when batteries become much cheaper, this survey seems to indicate that the market will be huge for those long-range EVs.

", the UK’s biggest car review site, recently found that up to 40% of Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes and Audi car owners would buy, or seriously consider buying, an electric vehicle from their brand if it had a longer range.  However, unless government takes steps to boost the supply of charging points, measure progress and supply information, electric vehicles (EVs) may well be impractical for many car owners." found that charging infrastructure is still an obstacle in the UK:

“The fastest charging point will deliver about 70% of a full charge within 30 minutes for an all-electric car.  Although this is improving, consumer demand will plateau at a very early stage in many towns as queues grow in front of the few charging stations which are available to most car owners in many towns and villages.”

According to, today the UK has 6,400 charging points, from which less than 250 are quick chargers. Total number of plug-in cars is probably already over 1.5-times higher than charging points, of which a large part is localized in London.

"The DVLA, based in Swansea, is the main office for the recording and control of all UK vehicles yet there are only 4 reported public charging points within 3 miles of its office.  Two of the charging points near the DVLA are within car dealerships which may well be unavailable out of business hours."

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