"Five Tesla Model S stopped at the Mauston Wisconsin Supercharger of the Tesla Road Trip Team as they make their way to TMC Connect."

States the video description.

TMC Connect, the annual Tesla meet-up in California, starts tomorrow.

For the first time ever, Tesla Model S owners are able to make the cross-country trek to TMC Connect powered solely by Superchargers.

The video quality is less than desirable, but the story behind the Tesla Road Trip Team bound for California is inspirational.

1st Model S was from Maryland it had Green Metallic Paint, 88,000 miles (correction 90,000 miles!) in a little over a year and a half with little to no battery degradation (owner said about 5 miles) Car #02 Follow on Twitter @mgmbeatle

2nd Model S was from New York it had Blue Metallic Paint, LED Tesla T on the front grill and Blue color matching Tesla T inserts for the 19" rims with about 37,500 miles Car #01 Follow on Twitter @VeraStamps

3rd Model S was from New Jersey it had a Green Matte finish with Black Vinyl Wrap on all the chrome trim and Matte Black TST's 19" rims. Ken and Andrea with car #23 Follow on Twitter @giangone @NJPlugin

4th Model S was from Ohio it had a Black Solid Paint with 21" Turbine Wheels and a 85KWH battery Car #53 Follow on Twitter @patta473

5th Model S was from Maryland It had Green Metallic Paint with a Carbon Fiber Spoiler and 35,000 miles. Car #07 Follow on Twitter @Crazy4cars2

You can follow the Tesla Road Trip Team on Twitter @TeslaRoadTrip.

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