We just gathered the latest preliminary sales results for Renault electric cars and, as always, we put them into our exclusive calculator.

In June, with nearly 1,900 EVs sold, Renault had it best EV sales month in a year (June of 2013) and one of the best ever for Renault.

Positive is that Renault Kangoo Z.E. grew year over year, but overall Renault is still falling (just slower).

This year, French manufacturer sold less than 7,000 electric vehicles, including more than 1,100 Twizy.  Last year, in the first six months, we saw roughly 10,000 EVs sold by Renault.

Renault EV Sales – June 2014

Renault EV Sales – June 2014

In total, Renault has sold over 43,000 electric vehicles, from which more than 13,000 are Twizys and a little over 30,000 (data is preliminary) are full size cars.

This mean that Tesla Motors already exceeds cumulative sales of three electric cars from Renault with just Model S (not counting Roadsters).

Second best selling model is Renault Kangoo Z.E. with over 14,000, but very soon it will be overtaken by Renault ZOE (over 12,500).

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