Late at night and during the wee hours of the morning, households with electric vehicles consume a lot more juice than a typical household.

This is not surprising at all to us, as time of use metering and off-peak reduced electric rates mean that most EV owners charge overnight, but still it's interesting to see this on the graph.

According to Opower:

"Today we once again crack open Opower’s energy data storehouse (the world’s largest, spanning more than 50 million households worldwide) – this time to examine the energy usage behavior of an increasingly important segment of utility customers: electric car owners who charge their car in the wee hours of the night."

"To fuel our analysis, we evaluated anonymous data from about 2,000 night-charging EV owners in the western US..."

"Our statistical findings suggest how vastly EV owners’ energy profiles can deviate from normal..."

In regards to the graphic shown above, Opower states:

"In the hourly usage curves, you can see that the EV owners in our dataset (light blue) exhibit a massive spike in electricity use beginning at midnight, shooting up to around 4 times the average level."

Again, we're not surprised by this, but seeing it on a graph shows how dramatic a difference owning an EV makes in regards to electric usage (provided you're not on solar).

Source: Opower

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