"As the Tesla Model S arrives on British shores, we get behind the wheel of the most advanced electric car yet. Is the UK ready for battery-powered motoring?"

States the video description.

BBC Focus Magazine reviews the Tesla Model S, an all electric premium luxury sedan with an EPA rated range of 265 miles (85 kWh) on a single charge.

The Tesla Model S is now being delivered to buyers in the UK.  As with any new automobile, some potential consumers may have a few minor concerns on range and charging.

In the video, you'll see some key points discussed in relation to the Model S and a few demonstrations of its available features.

*Editor's note: It is highly recommended to install an inexpensive high power wall outlet/charger into your place of living to charge any electric vehicle overnight and wake up to a full charge. Relying on public charging as well as a standard 110v outlet at home could be a bit of a challenge, especially for the Model S.

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