Fanboost Me Please!!!!

Fanboost Me Please!!!!

Bring on the "fanboost."

When the Formula E racing series kicks off this fall in China, one driver will get what's called a "fanboost."

Social media will decide which drivers gets the "fanboost" via fans who favorite a particular in each race.

The "fanboosted" driver will get access to the full 200 kW of power on tap (up from the electronic limit of 133 kW) in the Formula E racer for a few seconds.

As ElectricAutoSport states:

"Normally all 20 cars are limited to 133 kW power, but to increase the chance of overtaking at the city street circuits they are racing on, every driver receives two of these extra boosts. Only one competitor can receive one extra boost in the very last lap when he or she gets the highest number of tweets directed in the form of @-mentions during the race..."

This means that fans could potentially boost a driver to victory.  Yep, that's bad ass as it gets the fans as involved as possible.

Source: ElectricAutoSport

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