Here's complete video of the Tesla Motors 2014 shareholder meeting.

Some video notes:

0:00 Introduction

9:39 Elon Musk Introduction - Slide Show

26:05 Q&A w/ Elon Musk

Of course, it's the Elon Musk Q&A section that's always the most entertaining and revealing.

Dana Hull of the San Jose Mercury News points out "5 Takeaways From Tesla's Shareholder Meeting." We've presented two of those highlights below (follow link for 3 additional highlights):

"1. Musk plans to stay on as CEO of Tesla for four or five years, or at least through volume production of Gen 3, the mass market, $35,000-a-year car. “No one is a CEO forever,” said Musk, who is also the CEO of SpaceX. “Eventually they carry you out.”

"4. Tesla has the S and X; there were jokes that the Gen 3 had to be the Model E. Tesla filed a patent for the Model E, as well as a Model Y, but then Ford threatened to sue over Model E."

Source: Silicon Beat

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