It seems some BMW i3 owners aren't aware of the i3′s optional $1,000 parking package, which includes a self-parking feature that sandwiches the i3 between two parked vehicles with only 22 inches of extra space needed.

The automated parallel parking function is unique in that it requires no driver input, aside from pushing a button.

Unlike other vehicles, which typically require the driver to have his/her foot on the brake pedal, the i3 does away with that, which makes the system as touch-free as possible.

As you'll see in these video from Michael Thwaite via YouTube/Transport Evolved, with assistance from ultrasonic sensors, the i3 parks itself.

In these two videos (one shot from inside the i3 and the other shot from outside), you'll see a BMW i3 owner experience self-parking for the first time.  As the video descriptions state:

"Please excuse the near 'double rainbow' excitement but, and this too is embarrassing, I didn't realize that this option was available, let alone installed on our car!"

"I didn't realize that this was even available on this model. I thought it was funny though, look at the amount of times it went back and forth to get the car just right - digital perfectionist!"

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