BMW i8

BMW i8

Germany's plug-in vehicle market in May can be defined by one word - growth.

934 pure electric cars and 535 plug-in hybrids were registered last month, which is a new high for total plug-ins and for PHEVs alone. All-electric cars grew by 138.3% to the second best result ever. Rate of PHEV growth can't be calculated due to changes in methodology.

In total, 0.5% of all passenger cars registrations were EVs or PHEVs in Germany.

After five months, 3,378 electric cars and 1,258 plug-in hybrids were registered.

While we wait on detailed numbers from KBA, we'll extract the sales results for a few models:

  • BMW i3 - 255 (including REx)
  • Renault ZOE - 106
  • Tesla Model S - 57
  • Nissan LEAF - 28
  • BMW i8 - 25
  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV - 21
  • Opel Ampera - 5
Nothing special in fact and only 497 in total, so where are the other almost 1,000 registrations? Stay tuned for more.

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