May was a booming month for plug-in electric vehicle sales.

Heck, even the Toyota RAV4 EV saw its sales increase dramatically to 149 units.

There's a reason why RAV4 EV sales are up (maybe a few reasons actually).

The reason? A woman by the name of Dianne Whitmire, Fleet and Internet Sales Director at Carson Toyota in Sunny SoCal.

As Whitmire states:

"I sold 34 Rav4 EV in May. And 60 plug in Prius. Keep in mind I sold 151 units last month. Way more than half my sales last month plugged in."

149 total RAV4 EV sales.  34 sold by one individual.  Basically, Whitmire was responsible for one out of every four RAV4 EVs sold in May!!!

Here's the other reason why RAV4 EV sales are on the rise:

"I just calculated a pretty amazing lease for someone with unlimited miles at 401 a month plus tax on my *special* lease. Higher tax zones are about $408 (plus tax) and it was with using none of their own $, just the TFS $ and the state $."

"My posted deals ($16,500 lease rebate) for the EVs will remain the same for June, by the way. I have 9 coming very soon. 3 pearl white, 2 silver, 4 blue. Even if *they* change something, I won't! Unlimited mileage deals are still the best, but we also do a 12K and a 10K. (annual miles)."

That's Whitmire talking up the deals she offers on the RAV4 EV.  With deals like these, it's hard to imagine why someone in California would get some plug in other than the RAV4 EV.

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