Tesla No Longer Holds

Tesla No Longer Holds "SEXY" Trademarks - Now It's Just "SXY"

Say it ain't so...

There will be no S E X Y at Tesla Motors.

No S E X either.

Blame it on Ford, jokes Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk:

"Ford tried to kill sex."

"And we're like, Ford's killing SEX ... that's terrible. So, OK, fine, we won't use the Model E."

Or, as Jalopnik writes:

"Tesla dropped its trademark for the Model E, and the reason was two-fold: It was originally a joke and Ford threatened to sue them. Yes, Ford tried to kill SEX. Bastards."

As we reported over a month ago, Tesla Motors dropped its Model E patent, presumably in response to Ford threatening to sue Tesla Motors.

Jalopnik retells the story of how "the Model E" originally came to be:

"Speaking at Tesla's 2014 Annual Shareholder Meeting, company co-founder and CEO Elon Musk was asked why the automaker dropped its trademark for the Model E. "Funny story," says Musk."

"A friend at a party asked him what the name of the next Tesla would be after the S and X. Musk joked, "the Model E." And the name kinda stuck."

After applying for Model E, Tesla figured why not go for Model Y too.  Hence the reference to S E X Y.

Thanks To Ford, There Will Be No SEXY At Tesla Motors

Thanks To Ford, There Will Be No SEXY At Tesla Motors

In Ford's defense, CNNMoney quotes a Ford spokesperson as stating:

"Ford and Tesla entered into a contract in 2010 in which, among other things, Tesla agreed not to register or use Model E. When Tesla later sought to register the Model E trademark, Ford insisted that Tesla abide by the parties' earlier agreement. The matter has been resolved amicably."

Betty Liu of Bloomberg Television "In The Loop" even reported on Ford's effort to kill off S E X at Tesla Motors.  See video below:

Source: Jalopnik & Automotive News & CNN Money

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