Tesla Model S A Pothole Creator? Oh Really...

Tesla Model S A Pothole Creator? Oh Really...

Now That's A Real Pothole

Now That's A Real Pothole

"As you drive on the roadways in and around your region, you may find yourself swerving and maneuvering as you attempt to avoid potholes. While some people blame the weather or road crews, others are turning to companies such as Tesla Motors Inc and realizing that they are having a negative impact on their driving experience."

Oh really?

As The Bibey Post adds:

"How so, you may ask? Simple: the fund that the United States uses to maintain its roadways is slowly dwindling because cars are more fuel efficient today than ever before. This may not make sense, until you realize that when the nation’s gas taxes decrease, so does the amount of money available to keep up many of the roads that are traveled on a daily basis."

So, let's blame Tesla Motors and its popular Model S, right?


Even The Bibey Post concludes that putting the blame on Tesla is just silly:

"Placing the blame on Tesla is silly. This automaker, among many others, is doing its part in helping the environment by producing electric or more fuel efficient vehicles. As this continues to happen, however, it means that the country is collecting less money in taxes. In other words, it is not Tesla’s fault, but instead those who are in charge of finding a way to generate enough funding for the nation’s roadways."

The answer is to raise gas taxes, but no politician interested in maintaining his or her position will ever propose such an increase.

Instead, the alternative is the route more likely to be taken.  That's the route where electric vehicle owners are required to pay $50 to $100 annually to offset lost gas-tax revenue.

Don't blame Tesla Motors or other electric vehicle manufacturers for dwindling road repair funds.  Blame the politicians for not increasing the federal gas tax since 1993.

Source: The Bibey Post

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