Nissan LEAF Sales Go

Nissan LEAF Sales Go "Off The Chart" In May

Nissan blew the doors off all pure electric sales records in May, notching more than 3,000 LEAFs sold...the first time that number has ever been eclipsed for a pure electric vehicle.

Nissan Set All Time Highest Selling Month For A Pure Electric Vehicle

Nissan Set All Time Highest Selling Month For A Pure Electric Vehicle

In total 3,117 were sold, which easily bested their own previous best selling month of 2,529 in December of last year.  May also marks an incredible run of 15 consecutive monthly sales records for the LEAF.

Versus May of 2013 when 2,138 were sold, sales improved by 46%.  Overall 10,389 have now been sold in 2014, which is 36% better then 2013 when 7,614 had been sold.

The 3,117 sales figure is also only the second time any plug-in has passed the 3k mark.  Still in first place overall is the 3,351 Chevy Volts sold in August of 2013.

“LEAF hit two major milestones in May with 50,000 total U.S. sales since launch and more than 3,100 total deliveries in a month,” said Toby Perry, Marketing Director and Overseas Program Director, Nissan LEAF. “LEAF is poised to take advantage of a market ripe for higher EV sales thanks to a great value proposition, an engaged base of owner-advocates, rapid increases in charging infrastructure in major markets across the country and new tax credits in Texas and other states.”

Surprisingly, Nissan's Smyrna, TN assembly facility was also able to keep pace with LEAF production during May as national inventories actually rose slightly by months end.

Heading in June, we expect to see not only another strong month for the LEAF, but also a pricing announcement for the 2015 model year edition - with some 2015s perhaps hitting showrooms by month's end.

As for what changes the 2015 MY brings; thanks to a dealer note from Canada, we can tell you... not a heck of a lot has changed. A new color choice, some changes in the standard equipment/packages. All the details on the new 2015 LEAF can be found here.

Also of interest: Nissan sold its 50,000 LEAF inside the US in May (full story and video on that here)


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