According to Navigant Research, in its latest forward-looking article titled "Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Forecasts for North America and Select European and Asia Pacific Cities by State/Province, Metropolitan Area, City, and Selected Utility Service Territories," North America is and will remain the #1 market for plug-in vehicle sales through at least 2023.

Per Navigant Research:

"To date, North America is the strongest market for light duty plug-in electric vehicles, with nearly 100,000 sold in 2013. Japan is a distant second, with just under 30,000 sales, followed by the Netherlands (over 23,000) and China (over 17,000)."

Navigant adds that, in the United States, 514,000 plug-in vehicles will be sold in 2023.

The research firm took a look at some individual cities too.  According to Green Car Congress, those findings include:


"The top cities for light duty plug-in vehicle sales among all of the regions examined in this report are expected to be Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo. "

"The Los Angeles metropolitan area is currently the largest PEV market by unit, with more than 15,000 PEV sales expected in 2014."

"The Greater Tokyo area, with a population of over 35 million, is the largest metropolitan area examined in this report. While currently lagging behind Los Angeles, the city is forecast to become the largest PEV market in 2020, with over 35,000 sales in that year."

By 2023, Navigant predicts that Los Angeles will be home to more than 250,000 plug in vehicles.  However, Tokyo will just barely surpass Los Angeles with with a predicted 260,000 plug-in vehicle on the roads of Tokyo in 2023.

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