"The quest for a viable all-electric vehicle has been a years-long endeavor, but one car has managed to finally tip the scales toward the all-electric future, and this vehicle is now available at a dealership near Houston, Texas. The 2014 Nissan LEAF, America's top-selling Electric Vehicle (EV) with good reason, is now being featured at Robbins Nissan in Humble, Texas, and is available for an immediate test drive."

States Robbins Nissan.

With a reported 140 charging stations in the Houston metro area alone, sales electric vehicles like the Nissan LEAF are starting to charge up in major cities in Texas.

And with killer deals like these from Robbins Nissan, it's only a matter of time before LEAFs are seen everywhere in the Houston metro area:

2 Discounted LEAFs In Stock At Robbins Nissan

2 Discounted LEAFs In Stock At Robbins Nissan

Robbins Nissan adds:

"...the 2014 Nissan LEAF secures its place as a well-rounded vehicle of any distinction, and not just among Electric Vehicles."

Why focus on a single dealer touting a particular plug-in vehicle it sells?  Well, with all the discussion on dealers who show no interest in selling plug ins, we find it refreshing to see that some go the extra mile to sell electric vehicles.  yes, there's some self promotion here for the dealership, but it's not often we come across anything EV related at the dealer level.  And look at those killer deals!!!

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