Phoenix Motorcars 4 seat Sport Utility Truck

Phoenix Motorcars 4 seat Sport Utility Truck

Founded over ten years ago, California company Phoenix Motorcars, which several years ago announced the introduction of an electric Sport Utility Truck and then faded into silence mode after not meeting deadlines, has now released new announcement.

Phoenix Motorcars is back, as "a leading developer of electric vehicle technologies" to launch new electric vehicle platforms and an all-electric 14-passenger shuttle bus .

Steven Davis, president, Phoenix Cars LLC stated:

“Phoenix Cars LLC. worked very closely with its key technology partners to develop a compact and modular EV platform, which can be integrated into a diverse range of vehicle applications The first Phoenix Cars product to utilize this platform is an all-electric shuttle bus that was designed expressly for use by commercial fleets. Our electric shuttle bus offers fleet owners an outstanding value proposition, because our shuttle costs significantly less to maintain and operate than traditional gas or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles.”

“The Phoenix Motorcars electric shuttle bus is our newest product offering, and the flexibility of our new EV platform opens up the possibility to launch additional medium-duty vehicle configurations or retrofits that not only enhance the sustainability of a vehicle fleet, but also enhance their cost-effectiveness,”

The electric shuttle bus is equipped with a Remy permanent magnet traction motor, Sevcon motor inverter and Chinese lithium-ion battery pack from Coslight.

There are not many details available, but on the website we find listed 100 miles of range. Will Phoenix Motorcars (now owned by Al Yousuf LLC based in Dubai, UAE) now get more serious and will it get second chance? Time will tell.



Clean, Reliable and Energy Efficient, the Electric Shuttle is the current focus of Phoenix Motorcars and the future of high duty cycle people transport.  Perfect for airports or hotels, the Phoenix Electric shuttle is the latest vehicle to benefit from years of testing and development of EV platforms.  The shuttle is available in multiple configurations and can be customized to your specifications. This is the new Phoenix Motorcars. This is the rise of clean fleet vehicles.


14 passenger shuttle bus
• Rear wheel drive – single motor
• 100 miles per charge
• PMC Designed

• PMC proprietary control software"

Here are two videos from a time when Phoenix Motorcars' 4-seat Sport Utility Truck existed: