BMW Announces EV Only Zinoro Brand in China

BMW Announces EV Only Zinoro Brand in China

At the 2013 Guangzhou Auto Show, BMW Brilliance unveiled its electric Zinoro 1e.

The electric Zinoro is BMW's first attempt at a China-specific EV.

However, BMW Brilliance has decided that it won't sell the Zinoro 1e, but rather only lease or rent it to fleets or private individuals.

Furthermore, it will only be offered in Shanghai and Beijing through two BMW Brilliance stores.

Vice president of public relations  for BMW Brilliance, Sun Wei, states:

"Every electric car to rent has a plate number, and we provide maintenance and service on a regular basis. We can also help install the recharging stations for customers. The rental service can ensure customers to use the car without worrying about anything. This is a step that BMW has taken ahead of many other car brands in China."

"We know that the consumers are not familiar with the electric car technology, the market also needs time to grow, and the country is also trying hard to improve the infrastructure to establish the service network for electric cars. But as a car manufacturer, we can't wait for the market to be mature, but need to take actions now. The rental service now can provide opportunities for more consumers to touch the car and fall in love with it."

Here's how BMW Brilliance will rent/lease the Zinoro 1e:

  • Daily rate 400 yuan ($64 USD)
  • Monthly rate 7,400 yuan ($1,183 USD) for up to 3 years
BMW Brilliance says that thousands of potential customers have signed up to test drive the Zinoro 1e, which will be available to lease/rent within a few weeks.

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