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Image From AR&D's website.

Automotive Research & Design (AR&D) is launching a training center  focused on hybrid & electric vehicles.

The company, located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, is dedicated to offering alt-fuel vehicle solutions and creating specialty diagnostic equipment.

This program offers classroom and hands-on training to provide all necessities in order to diagnose and service all hybrids and electric vehicles of all makes and models.

The site consists of a 4,000 square-foot work shop for up to six vehicles for hands-on training, along with a wide variety of tools like OEM and aftermarket scanners, thermal imaging cameras, and AR&D's hybrid and electric vehicle diagnostic and repair equipment kits for components such as batteries and transmissions.  All of this and the classwork is authenticated by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International.

AR&D has been around since 1987 with a goal of creating business partnerships that create solutions for hybrids and electric vehicles.  As Chief technical officer of AR&D, Dr. Mark Quarto, states:

"This training center environment will be the first of its kind in the automotive aftermarket, to educate and train students by bridging the complex OEM hybrid and electric systems technology with innovative aftermarket diagnostic and service engineering solutions."

There will be a grand opening at the facility along with a limited-seating one-day training event May 15, 2014.

More details about the event, as well as information on AR&D, can be found here.

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